>Random protocal, giving all honors, to everyones everyones, and what not.

>First Entry….

Today marks the inception of another blog. This will be much like other blogs. You’ll get a lot of my typing and perhaps some links to some other stuff. If I can get a certain Alfred or Anthony or Franks (and a few preachers who will remain anonymous temporarily) to reply it’s quite possible that they might throw me off of here. Never the less reading is paramount to appreciating the site. I intend to use no pictures of any sort.

Let me say welcome to all who come to visit this site and I hope you find some benefit by being here. Perhaps we’ll learn something as time goes by. I submit this as an initial case study of sorts for my own benefit. In light of a society that holds such high affections for things that yield little value (plasma tv, duct tape, 3M post it notes, etc.) I wonder where truth really fits into most person’s paradigm? In light of a ‘anything goes’ society perhaps we need a revival to the lesson that truth is necessary even at the expense of our opinions. Ahhh but our opinions are such an importance I mean without our freedom to choose what we want to feel we would not exist right?

A bit much for a first entry I suspect. A certain theology professor instructed me to keep things ‘pithy’ (unless it is a question on his exam) so let me try it like this. Do you value truth? To what degree? Let me propose an example by which it can be rated.

Breathing is necessary.

I think if we took other propositions as absolute as we just took that one we might approach some aspects of life ‘holding every thought captive to obedience.’ Or maybe not, I don’t know. This is just a blog.


One thought on “>Random protocal, giving all honors, to everyones everyones, and what not.

  1. >It’s about time you started sharing your knowledge with the world. “How much does the truth matter?” Well personally I am in love with the truth. But as the saying goes “the truth hurts.” It’s more comfortable living a lie. When we were small children and did wrong, did we believe that the truth would make us free, or the lie that we told? Yeah, we may need to breath in order to survive but it feels more comfortable to believe I control the breathing. It’s more comfortable to be God than to serve Him. …Let God be proven true, and every human being shown up as a liar, I love the truth.

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