>Twas the night before Christmas (somebody hand me the screwdriver, that glue, and go to the store and pick me up 6 ‘D’ Batteries

>So, I’m at my in-laws… and my father-in-law exchanges my viewing of last season’s ’24’ in exchange for my putting together this rediculous game for my neice and nephew. Three hours later, I made some conclusions:

1. They still have games that take a long time to put together and the end value will last longer than it take to pull the wrappers off.

2. A degree in engineering does not necessarily constitute one being able to adequately put it together in a reasonable amount of time. (However I would like to question the validity of the instructions provided and their inability to accurately draw the images to scale.)

3. My hope is that this will be good practice although I am hoping little (insert his name here) next April will have an affinity for Greek so that I will not have to put anything together. Books can be toys too…

Lastly, and most importanly I recall some time ago that the anticipation for Christmas morning was absolutely unbearable. After three pots of coffee and a pack of No Doze, my teddy bear and I would slip off into a caffeine induce comatose for about 45 minutes until 5:19:06, where I would very calmly awaken my entire family and the neighbors with the announcement that it is Christmas. Shear unadulturated excitement where all other events would pale in comparison.

Obvious commercialism aside, if we table that issue for just a moment and consider this thought I think perhaps there might be something gained from this event (throw the coffee and No Doze out also.) There is no level of comprehension we currently have as we anticipate the greatest moment in the life of a believer then to finally be rid of the sinful nature and to finally be in the presence of the Godhead. If somehow we could harbor that expectation of excitement for a punctiliar moment of Santa bringing our little hearts desires and laying them under a tree into the future completed excitement for the Savior taking our sinful hearts desires and placing them on a tree we might begin to enjoy Christmas (or any day) for real reasons in the same manner we did when were 5. Could you imagine not being able to sleep well because you were looking forward to seeing God (certainly a better gift than a GI Joe w/ the Kung Fu Grip)?

If for no other reason it would be cheapter and use less batteries…


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