Seems fairly common that most people attempt to set in place some lofty goals on January 1st in order ‘achieve the impossible, live the unlivable, etc etc.’ In my research, which does not extend much further than myself, I have found that typically the resolutions do not stick much longer than about two weeks. You could be different I’m using two weeks as an average.

So I propose a revision to the New Years resolution fiasco that we all to some extent have fallen into. Really I’m surprised that Hallmark has not found a way to capitalize on this matter in the same way they have taken over Valentines Day. I digress, here is my proposal. Pick one of these:

1. THE THROW OUT NEW YEARS RESOLUTIONS ALTOGETHER APPROACH. This is the realist approach for you theologians. Obviously last years methodology was worth something because you made it to 2007. So why change anything at all?

2. THE CHANGE THE NEW YEARS RESOLUTION to the ______(INSERT SOME OTHER DATE) RESOLUTION. This is the pacifist approach. Perhaps the hoopla of Thanksgiving and then the Joy of Christmas and assembling and disassembling trees and gifts is just to much for us to take a serious approach to new years resolutions. And then you have the countdown of New Years Eve its all to much. So maybe we should move them to May or June.


Lamentations 3:22-23
22The LORD’S lovingkindnesses indeed never cease,
For His compassions never fail.
23They are new every morning;
Great is Your faithfulness.
What a joy to consider that God’s perfect love is unceasing when I don’t go work out, or sit down and meditate long enough, pray enough, or stop drinking carbonated drinks, or insert your own Resolution here. Even more that He renews his graciousness toward us every morning.Yesterday in some manner is going to be a failure. So what does that mean? Seems to me that each morning God is awaiting us to awake with the faithfulness of depending on Him to make us able to do the best we can for that day.

Option 3 is the most responsible and truthful direction. I however am opting for option 2 because I just like the idea of throwing people off about new years resolutions in the middle of spring.


  1. >Well the new year is here and a new begining for all of us…it’s time for us to start our lives afresh…and lets all hope that this new year is filled with happiness and prosperity for all of us…on this note i’d like you to visit my blog sometime and share some of the love it’s filled up with….so drop by soon and do leave your thoughts behind!!!

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