>Leaven of Self-examination

>Luke accounts of the calling of Levi (or Matthew) as a disciple in Luke Chapter 5. What is particularly interesting in the account is that Levi was minding his own business. Scrapping away his cheddar (that’s money for you 1st century gurus) off the top. He’s like FICA: you give him the money, you know it is for something, but you are not sure that it ever gets where it is supposed to go. Enter stage right Jesus with two words ‘follow me’ (“WITH GREAT AUTHORITY” in Tomlinsonian exegetical form) and Levi throws it all away and follows.

The pharisees interestingly ask the disciples of Jesus why they eat with tax collectors and sinners. Most insecurity seems to point a finger toward what others do or do not do, instead of the right direction. You would almost think that their question would have been ‘hey how is it that you guys do not eat with us?’

Levi models something that should be taken to heart. When you are sick enough to know you are sick, you’re sick enough to follow. The problem occurrs when we use non-reflective material like other people to rate ourselves that we get into trouble. We think we are righteous, and then Jesus reminds us that if that is true, He did not come for us.

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