>What does it take to be guilty?

>Last Sunday I had the opportunity to put a fellow teacher on trial during Sunday school. I promised I would keep everyone anonymous for the time being so for now we’ll just call him the Architect. The judge (who of course is Jesus) was played by none other than The Barber of Seville.

We’re teaching this lesson about Jesus as the judge. And the architect’s job was to act like he really wasn’t a Christian except for his ritualistic involvement (Family Bible opened to Psalms 23, Super Bling Cross around his neck, goes to church when the club wasn’t hopping the night before.) So needless to say the group of students worked critically through the scripture lesson and his words to conclude that he is either ‘exceptionally carnal’ (I’m going to copyright that word. I see another blog coming from that.) or not a believer in the first place. They then turned it over to Jesus-the judge (again played by the Barber of Seville) who casted his judgement.

From this little Sheffield Production I concluded a few things:

1. I don’t care what age they are people can critically think through the actions and thoughts of man in comparison to scripture and conclude that something is not the same. They may not know what but every seed is better than not planting.

2. The Architect concluded something that I think all of us should go through daily. It is uncomfortable, it is awkward, it draws intentions to matters we might not be readily prepared to acknowledge; but it is necessary. And it really boils down to one essential question:

On any given day if we were on trial would we be found guilty of being a Christian?

Some might say that sounds like works Sheffield, you are fringing on becoming a pharisee. But this works for good or bad. If you are obedient,guilty;if you sin,you still get the chance to be guilty through repentance. I suppose I could be off somewhere but my point is that since I am a believe I want to get to the point where uncomfortable or not I want to be guilty of being a Christian and not guilty of faking it.

One thought on “>What does it take to be guilty?

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