>Quality Education

>Kudos to Samaj Booker who has taught us a tremendous lesson in his own little version of the Amazing Race this week. (If you don’t know who Semaj is you will need to read Fox News Article about Semaj. If you do not know what the Amazing Race is then the previous sentence will not be banter for you.)

I’d like to take this moment to thank Semaj for a number of things that I think we can all glean from this experience we’ve all been through now. (Yes you too. Just because you live nowhere close to Washington state does not mean that you do not hold a small piece of responsibility.)

1. Semaj why do you tempt us? With so much push for the removal of discipline and of parental rights in lieu of the emancipation of the child you pull this stunt? When you left the state on a chartered plane alone, you affirmed that the good old fashion whoopin is still a contributor to the discipline process. I am not an opponent to the discipline of questions and talking and ‘groundation;’ that goes without saying. But when you ask ‘Semaj why did you do that?’ and he gives you a seemingly rational answer, the only thing to do then is pull out a belt (for you old schoolers a switch)….

2. As you and I reflect upon your little tour across the country I wonder while you were eating the pretzel crumpets on Southwest (which would be the only plane I would have concluded you would be on) I wonder did you worry about your parents? Did you pull out your cell phone and think about sending them a text message? Did you call? Did you use your pager? Did you make a call on the credit card you used to buy the ticket? Ah Semaj you plague me with your rogue 9 year old mentality and all I can wonder is where did you get this from?

3. I’d like to get a hold of your list of favorite PlayStation games Semaj. How much do you play? Did anyone tell you to stop playing them after your first rendition of ‘Gone in 60 seconds?’ Maybe its not so bad that you were playing the game, but more importantly did you play or read something else that told you that stealing cars at 9 (or any age) and flying across the country on Southwest is wrong. Did you get a fair chance to hear the opposite point of view to think critically about the options.

4. Semaj I’ve talked to a few people since your latest tour of the countryside and they have all concluded the same thing. They are not dignifying it. The Architect says you deserve to be beat. HVAC Franks washed his hands of it also. We are imitating you Semaj. You don’t care and we find ourselves not caring also. Semaj you are making a mockery of our nations transportation!

I am sad. And not so much that this proves that if an 8 year old can go to such lengths to get out of town in hopes of touring our nations countryside serves as grounds that there is no ‘adversity’ in making a kid sit in class for 8 hours and learn something. No I’m sad Semaj for another reason. My fear is that at best the only thing that comes of this is it might end up on your myspace site.

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