>I had the opportunity or rather I should say privilege to see a friend of mine get baptized yesterday. First, that he would even ask me to come by was enough to cherish such an important moment. I’m learning to appreciate when friends consider you more and more each day. More importantly it affirmed something that I have been noticing.

For the mainstream orthodox believer, baptism is truly a testament to that which has happened within already. Or at one believes has happened. Nothing special in the water; no special electrolytes, and no special additives or preservatives. Cool-Aid will not make you any more Holy either (except maybe that kiwi strawberry. But I digress.) You are no more baptized if you were held under for a minute or 3 seconds. It is at its core a model for obedience routed in faith: if you trust God that baptism is acceptable and commanded, the result is that you understand something that the human eye cannot rap any reasonable rationale around it.

What I have noticed though is that while my friend Mr. HVAC was certainly (like most) appreciative to God for the remission of his SIN. It was (and should serve always) as a reminder for the viewers also. The event says in a way “Remember this! Hey! You did this two weeks (years, decades) ago. Do you still have this type of obedience? Does it mean as much now as it did then?”

HVAC Franks and every believer whom we have the opportunity to observe get baptized should be a reminder for the mature Christian that the converted life is one where every day should be an outward testimony of that which has changed eternally inside…

…now if we could get to the point where any true worship service produced this understanding…


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