>An Eternal Responsibility

>My wife and I are anticipating the arrival of our first child. I’ve been pondering this since we began praying about beginning to start to have a child but I’m just getting to writing it down now. I attribute that to the fact somehow in spite of this being my final semester on this leg of my education God has graciously given me a bit of respite (as I type this at 11:55 at night with an exam in the morning and 11 hours of masters level work. Perhaps I’m just nuts.)

Children are a blessing. Having taken care of a 16 year old until he left for college I’ve already been granted some understanding. I anticipate the changing of diapers, the late nights, the firsts in all of their poo and throw-up splendor will be interesting. But, to me and perhaps I’m wrong (although I seriously doubt it) I think there is something more to it.

Many people ask questions that by there very nature necessitate their disinterest with your answer. Many ask ‘are you excited about …(insert any event here),’ as though your response would be ‘no.’ I thought about answering that way just to see peoples facial expression. But the question is not really fair. Why? Because no one is going to say no (well perhaps some, but they just need to be smacked.) So I’ve concluded that for everyone that is having a child, buying a house, getting married, selling their puppies, eating some cheese (that’s for you D), I’m going to ask a different question. I’m going to ask (at the very least) ‘what are you most looking forward to when….?’ Why? Well because I really want to know.

So given the upcoming events (3 weeks according to due dates, 12 minutes according to my wife’s desire to get this boy out of her stomach) I have concluded two things:

1. Children are a blessing. One is a privilege. One is an extension of God’s graciousness. Which necessitates that everything you go through diapers, boo-boos on the knee, first walk, first word must be a blessing, a privilege, and an extension of God’s grace also.

2. And perhaps more importantly is a matter that I wonder how much we really think about. It is almost a secondary thought. Proverbs 22:6 Train a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not turn from it, is not talking about give them the right stuff and when they get done in the world they’ll come back to what is right. Its talking about teaching a child his bent.

I suppose what I am saying is all of it is going to be a blessing. But I just hope, I pray, that if nothing else is done effectively I pray that I point to Jesus Christ enough that when The Sequel is old enough he’ll want to know who He is.

And I can’t help but to wonder if we kept this view proactively for our children how much more could we do as a body of Christ if this was our responsibility to every person we cross.


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