>Church folk and Day Two of the Adrian Franks Watch

>I am in the process of thinking about writing a book. I may be attempting something beyond my capabilities. Lets say a pamphlet for now and if I can get 20 pages or so together that are coherent and have depth without alluding to ‘favor’ or ‘speaking, claiming, binding, slaining, etc-ing‘ we’ll see if we can’t get it published. The general subject is worship.

Admittedly, the consumer driven society permeates all aspects of the American culture. Included in this is worship. Where we go, why we are there, church growth, activities, etc. My question or thought is how much worship is true worship? I mean for most is true worship on your radar when you leave for church on Sunday morning (at 7:xx, 10:xx, 11:xx, sun or sat evening or whenever your respective church meets?) Or is it the convenience? Do you go? Do you go regularly? Why are you really going? What appeals to you at your church and if your church gave that particular characteristic up (and lets say the church still held to sound preaching/teaching for the sake of the argument) would you still attend.

What do you think?

On another note:

The Adrian Franks watch. We wait with great anticipation to see what he’ll have to say. Will today be the day for him to pontificate on why his marching band looked like a bauble on the field. Or will he bring some deep insight to how good has been and how truth matters. Perhaps it will be propaganda against me. Some sort of sanction perhaps. LOL. We’ll have to wait until then. Its day two…

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