>Children have way of bringing out the best in you. ‘The Sequel’ was born on March 28th I believe that was shortly after my last blog. Its been like ffwd on DVD. Something something…baby…something something graduation….something something diapers, formula, something something… broke….something something HERE WE ARE.

At any rate. I suspect that the blog activity will increase now that I my life has normalized. Or perhaps rather I have just gotten used to the chaos within it. I threw away my watch….and I happy about it. Feel a little holy now.

There will be at least one guest writer. Master Franks will offer his random thoughts provoking some sort of an arguement. I suspect his first issue will be about why his marching band in high school never played with real drums.

More to come…. (if you have a thought. Send me an email delanojsheffield@gmail.com I am still sleep deprived.)


2 thoughts on “>I’M BACK

  1. >Good to see you back Sheff. Great Word you gave Sunday. I look forward to many interesting truth seeking topics that will enlighten my life. God bless you brother.

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