>Church Folk (con’t) and Its Day 3

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I found this quote to be rather interesting. And not just because Ravi Zacharias is a clever fellow. It seems to me to be true.

  • The Lord’s affirmation of the physical and the spiritual tells me there’s a place for my body to be used rightly. And there’s a place for my spiritual depth. And when those two converge you’ve found the beauty of worship.

    And a church that thinks we can only worship if we get ourselves all hyped up in music is an extreme. It’s not going to work. What you win them with is what you are going to win them to. [Engaging Culture with Conversations that Count Ravi Zacharias]

Zacharias’ draws us to the nature of a false worship. If you swing worship to the intellectual you get a bunch of people who think too hard to see life in motion. If you swing worship into pure emotion, you get a bunch of people bouncing off the walls to the Hammond Organ run (you know the run I’m talking about.)

Its the converging of everything know with a rested trusting in the unknown centered in God that we find true worship. Perhaps the best way to approach worship is to define it outside of constraint of 10:45AM-1:00( COGIC 4:30 eh 6, Methodist 12:15, Presbyterian…) Monday through Friday what does your worship look like and then work forwards to Sunday. I firmly believe that Sunday is a culmination of the type of worship you had Monday through Saturday.

I suppose that in order to answering yesterday’s question we would need to answer ‘What was it that won you?’

And sadly we’ve made it to day three and still not heard anything from Mr. Franks. It did take Jesus 3 days to come out of three grave so perhaps early tomorrow morning….

2 thoughts on “>Church Folk (con’t) and Its Day 3

  1. >I wasn’t aware I was undermining the movement. I was rather posing the question of whether our worship is in spirit and truth or in systems and pragmatisms. If you care to elaborate I’d love to hear your input.

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