>Marriage (Part 1) and Day Six

>Theresa and I are pushing 5 years of being and married. And I say this as transparent as I can. While our marriage is not perfect, if it were not for the baby I would say we haven’t been married longer than a year. It has really gone to fast. And it has been a blessing and a true joy. Its good to see Gen. 2:18 true in your own life.

Every year we participate in two marriage retreats. One through the church and one on our own. They are essentially the same except the church retreat has more couples. We may be out of town but we spend very little time out doing things. Most of time is spent reviewing the family and personal spiritual and professional goals from the previous year. And then we spend a great deal of time in prayer and making decisions for what is the direction we need to head the next year. I’m a rookie in every sense of marriage. But it seems to me that if you want to keep your marriage alive you have to feed it what is necessary to make it grow. That requires being intentional… (No one has a perfect marriage. It is probably more likely that if they think it is perfect it is rather that its not growing. Recall (Ephesians 5 cf. 5:32) its the analogy of Christ and the church. His Glory is what is at stake, not good communication, a balanced budget and at least one date night a month. Those are good results when they focus on the only one who is able to make them worth something.)

Again intentionality matters…. (I’ll save my definition of intentional for another blog entry. Prich be prepared to offer up something please.)

So for the married folks here is my question. What are you finding that makes your marriage flourish? How specifically do you see God glorified in your marriage? If you are single what would you like to see done in your marriage if you choose to get married to glorify God? Drop me your thoughts and if you know some married folk forward them the questions and have them answer or answer for them…

On Another Note:

Big props to HVAC Franks for his taking the extremely difficult Professional Engineering exam. If I were certain I was going to be in engineering for a longer time I’d be encouraged by you to shoot towards taking it (FE issue resolved of course.) BUT, that does not remove your obligations Mr. Franks… so


Now he’s using ‘tools’ for his reason for not replying. Great.

2 thoughts on “>Marriage (Part 1) and Day Six

  1. >Being a rookie myself (only married for 7 months), I find that praying together and seeking God in any situation is what makes our marriage flourish. My husband is a great man of God. I thank God that He sent Him my way. We learn from each other and grow together spiritually. Another key factor is truly understanding the roles God has for the woman and the man concerning marriage. Just looking around and watching what happens in the media, my husband and I find that people just jump into marriages for the wrong reasons (i.e. – guilt, outward appearances, physical lust, etc.) and thus never fall into the roles God has established.I appreciate that my husband and I are on one accord and spiritually yoked. Whenever I find myself in a situation, I have to make sure I am in line with the type of wife God wants me to be. As I seek daily what it is to be a good wife, my husband looks also seeks to be a better husband. God gets glory when He sees His marriages flourish the way He intended them to. My husband and I evalute our marriage and communicate about everything. He prays for our family and I pray for Him. On a personal note, I did find myself in a bind as a new wife. New wives, old wives, or ladies thinking of marriage…remember, your personal time with God is precious. Don’t forget about that time when you get married. Yes, your husband is the head of your household, but don’t forget who gave Him to You!Couples…it’s okay to keep your weekly/monthly date nights, but it is more important to keep your daily date night with God! He still requires the intimacy of worship with you! TLC

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