>Speaking aside of the normal genre of entries typically seen on this forum. I have a few things that I am NOT going to talk about. I’m the furthest thing from superstitious but I’ve concluded that some things are best not to discuss until after it unfolds.

What I am specifically not going to discuss is the TRUTH that the KU (that is in Kansas) football team is ranked the same as the basketball squad. I will also NOT discuss the ridiculous possibilities that will occur if they win the next four games. Possibilities which Mr. Harris and a few others and perhaps many of you all who refuse to touch because you are either superstitious, in disbelief, or are haters of the University of Kansas. We won’t discuss it….yet.

I will discuss the facts that HVAC Franks REFUSES to offer at least one thought to the blog. Accepting the opportunity to be the INAUGURAL GUEST WRITER and I’ve concluded why. So here is my attempt to wave the olive branch.

HVAC FRANKS! Step up to the mic and shed some light on a subject for our reading pleasure. FOR ALL THAT IS GOOD AND NOBLE for crying out loud!

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