>I believe it was almost two weeks before Halloween that I was in your average multi service store, targeting some items I needed for the family. And I noticed that they had ALREADY placed Christmas items out. I get in the car and that station that plays Christmas music has ALREADY started playing Christmas music. I’ll run back through this topic again closer to Christmas. I do have a question though.

Have we run out of ideas of ways to exploit Thanksgiving? Has this holiday become so trite that it deserves not even the smallest of acknowledgements. Even I have fallen into the disregard of the holiday, slipping away to Tampa every year. Where the weather is diametrically opposed to everything thankful and giving in November.

Even little league teams give trophies to 4 and 5 year olds who joyously run to 2nd base and then outfield after hitting the ball in what clearly would have been a home run anyway. Has not thanksgiving done at least that much? Hallmark has even disregarded the holiday boxing cards together at a discount rate instead of the usual 5.99 card with the ‘of all the people in the world to love, you are….’ genre of writing you find for every other holiday (see valentines.) Turkeys are not even over priced. Cranberry sauce is not sold in gourmet packages. The Dallas Cowboys are garbage. Thanksgiving is not respected enough to be exploited. Its just the day before the biggest selling day of the year.

I propose that we determine a new way to exploit the holiday. Perhaps a afternoon special about how great thanksgiving is. Or put that ultimate fighting on prime time family style. Some way we’ve got to get Thanksgiving back into the top three because its dropped out of the rankings faster than Notre Dame.

Seriously though. For those who still hold to the truth of the holiday. (Extending beyond the twenty pounds you gain, slothfully attempting to slip that last slice of turkey into your stomach because ‘it looked so lonely on the plate with the one green bean and cornbread crumbs.’) If you find yourself considering that God has provided something for you to be thankful for. Give me something to be thankful for and answer this question by clicking ‘COMMENTS’ and adding your thoughts:

What is something that you found yourself needing (or growing) in being thankful for that you didn’t consider before. That is to say has your list of things you are thankful for ever different? Is it just material? When you get past breathing and the activity of your limbs (which is a magnificent start) is there any more you have learned to be thankful for?


2 thoughts on “>Thanks(receiving)giving

  1. >’The Dallas Cowboys are garbage’ Wow,Go Chiefs! I am becoming more and more thankful for my wife. We just got through our second year together and boy is she a trooper dealing with me.

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