>After much persistence and frothing at the mouth, sitting at the mourners bench. I must have repented enough to get HVAC Franks to finally grace the blogs presence with a word. Let me do the honor the introducing my first guest writer under the pen name HVAC Franks. I’ll save my final thoughts for the conclusion of his blog entries. But please make Mr. Franks feel comfortable and perhaps share your thoughts….

HVAC Franks Introduction.
Before I write my first official “Guest Blog” I would like to introduce myself and give some credit where due. I am a firm believer in acknowledging those that have helped me get this far. You never know when it is too late to thank somebody and there is no time like the present.
Obviously, primary credit goes to God to even allowing any of this to happen. Even though I say “obviously” more often than not we tend to overlook who deserves the ultimate credit. Secondly my family who allowed me to question things and make my own decisions, but they never stopped praying for me. Their prayers not only helped me make it this far in life, but it was their prayers that eventually led me to KU. Not that they were specifically praying for me to go to KU, but they wanted me to go to a place that was going to be good for me. Which leads me to my “extended family” of college friends.
Delano has mentioned before the group of friends that used to have lat night discussions at various dorms. Well I am speaking of these same group of people who helped to support each other in our college years. Each of them has a place in my heart for various reasons. But since my next blog will be about my walk with Christ I would like to point out 3 of them that never let me veer too far away from God during my college years as well as after.
The first one was the best man at my wedding. Since D likes to use nicknames, we will call this fellow “Part 2”. He was dang near my roommate all but 2 years in school. We stayed in the same dorm for our first two years and then we shared an apartment two of my last three years. Enough cannot be said about this man as he was able to counsel me and keep me on the road long enough to make sure I saw the end. I can’t thank him enough.

The second is a person we will call “Triple H”. Along with Part 2, these two guys have a way of hitting you over the head with a sledgehammer in the most loving way. They’ll tell you like it is and don’t care two bits if you are offended, because as the title of this blog says, truth is necessary to know the way to live it (life). Talk about a model of how to live as a husband, this man in his few short years of marriage has it nailed down. I’ll get to more of Triple H in my next blog.

The last one is the author of this blog. This man and I had a specific discussion that changed both of our lives. Long story short, at my worst time of being a believer, this man kept me from jumping over the edge. I won’t be able to do the conversation justice here, but just know that this man is a true gift from God in my life and I will never be able to repay him.

I don’t want to discount the importance of the role any of my college friends in my life because they all helped me get to where I am today. But I just wanted to point out these three since I will occasionally be taking time to write about my spiritual journey and how it has impacted my life.

Thank you.



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