>I’m finishing a book entitled Unchristian from the Barna.org ministry. A rather pleasant book in light of the mass amounts of statistics. I’ve never been in a situation where a ratio or a percentage sign could promote so much conviction but that is exactly what I have found. But it brought me to a a point in this relationship I think we should visit.

If I found a Picasso painting. I suppose my intent would be to determine its authenticity. Whats interesting to notice is that the condition of the painting is not directly related to its authenticity. If the painting is in better condition it would be easier to determine if it is an authentic. But quality is not the final judge of authenticity. The way to tell whether it is authentic is whether it does in fact belong to the painter.

Like the painter to the painting, the author of the person who claims to be a Christian is what makes the Christian authentic. And here lies the essential key to one changed and the critical component to any outsider getting past the sometimes apparent hypocrisy. It is not perfection that we purport to have, we rather have laid hold of faithfulness that it is coming. Perhaps this convition will place us more in line with scripture and provide the clear perspective for those outside to understand is that our authenticity is not in deed but first in hope of a person.

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