>Christmas, Year End/New Years Ramblings

>There seems to be a typical rush at the end of every year to cross the proverbial finish line. Most people are not financial wizards but we act as though we are accountants in the finance department; needing to close the books as quickly as possible. NOT necessarily balancing them. Rather just shoving everything in them and wrapping bands of duct tape around them and shoving them in the back of the closet.

Rarely is there an autumn in our day.

I’m reminded of Joshua’s request to gather stones as this group of common folk were headed on a journey. And he told them to grab these ordinary stones and place a marker; a monument of sorts pointing to something else. “When your children ask,” he said “tell them…” Rarely do we have an autumn in life. The moment where the leaves fall and just before the silence of winter you can reflect on all the colorful moments of the past season. Moments reflected where ‘when your children ask’ your response won’t be silence.

The christian sentiment is a acting/reflecting faith. It is not puncticular or fleeting, but moments in time that transcend time. When Jesus came in flesh the game changed: then and forever. When he changed us we too are forever different. Now moments cannot be seen as some isolated event; now we have to see things in the frame of: ‘as often as we do this (future), do this (present) in remembrance of me (past)”

This season, use the gift of reflection. You may find someone or something you lost. You might find that the someone or something you lost has always been there.


2 thoughts on “>Christmas, Year End/New Years Ramblings

  1. This one almost brought me to tears…reflecting on how good God is and how I worry so much about the future that it affects my attitude and my decision making. Especially that last line that says “you might find that someone or something you lost has always been there.” I know that God is always with me, and that I am also surrounded by people who shower me with their love and prayers, yet I tend to be so fearful and paranoid even that I push them away by how I treat them. I hate to be the one to let the team down, the weakest link…its happened so many times in my childhood that I just made it up in my mind that I would just take the passenger seat and let some other person take the wheel as I play the role of the navigator giving the directions. In over the years I am seeing that maybe this is not the role God has designed for me to take…or maybe even it was, just for a season. Now I need to step up. (Please excuse my rambeling) I know now that fear is not of God, and believe it or not, I am looking at situations where pivital decisions need to be made with a growing sense of anticipation (GROWING not all the way grown). Keep me in your prayers.

  2. Man you helped me find something I had lost. I need to reread some of these entries. I thought I was somewhere new recently. I just realized I’ve been saying the same things for years. Maybe i’ve been saved longer than I thought. lol.

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