>Peeling Back the Layers

>It seems nonsensical, but the substantial portion of the Christian life is unknown. We serve a God who has revealed himself to us yet in many ways He is still unknown. We come to embrace true trust in Him. The essence of our being resides in a body and that essence is for all intensive purposes still largely unknown. On a good day we come to realize through those glimpses of being vulnerability that the people we thought we knew were really unknown.

It should be no surprise then that when John (1 John 3) tells us that God’s love lavished us as (and by calling us ) children of God leads to ‘1b The reason the world does not know us is that it did not know him. 2Dear friends, now we are children of God, and what we will be has not yet been made known.’ Even the world’s perspective of the Christian is unknown. But that is because the Christian perspective is synonymous with the perspective of an unknown Christ.

When we strip away the layers of something you hope to find something of value at its core. If you are made of nothing but banana skins you will eventually peal yourself down to nothing. Christianity is not a blind faith, but neither can it be said that the ‘unknown’ means the same thing as ‘non-existing.’ At our core is Christ. And whatever it is that we will be while unknown now…. reigns in comparison to anything because in Christ is all that has meaning. I think the old songwriter Albert Simpson put it best:

Once it was the blessing,
Now it is the Lord;
Once it was the feeling,
Now it is His Word;

Once His gift I wanted,
Now, the Giver own;
Once I sought for healing,
Now Himself alone.

All in all forever,
Jesus will I sing;
Everything in Jesus,

And Jesus everything.


2 thoughts on “>Peeling Back the Layers

  1. >Yes this is true. But this is part of that paradox we all tend to look a little distant. I think that is kind of the point. Faith is substantiated in our pursuing what we don't see yet, aspiring to a manifested end that has yet to come.

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