>3 John (Part 2) in Hospitality: Only What You do For Christ

>3 John 1:5 Dear friend, you demonstrate faithfulness by whatever you do for the brothers (even though they are strangers).

What peaks my interests about the example seen in Gaius is that he has managed to demonstrate a hospitality that is synonymous with God himself. We TYPICALLY do not go out of our way to help strangers beyond normal courtesies. We can get a ‘God bless you’ out but only if they sneeze politely. Hospitality has become associated with the ushers. I am not insinuating that there should be no hospitality at the doors of the church (I mean I need someone to give me that envelope so I can continue to support the work the church does) but when you read 3rd John you see another focus. One that is more noble.

At the surface level is the clear example that faithfulness with the correct object will eventually be seen. Gaius took care of these strangers; these carriers of the ‘Name.’ They were certainly appreciative. There is nothing like those who are cheerleaders in your life when you are doing your best to proclaim the name. I am certainly thankful for the Gaius’in my life. Those cheerleaders who spend more time giving you a place of solace before you head back out. But Gauis is strange, because he does it for those who does not know.

Gaius demonstrates a better faithfulness because his love is not predicated on our common prejudices. His story did not have to be the same as their story in order for him to help. Or perhaps he understood that their stories were exactly the same. Or perhaps he understood that the story that matters is Jesus.

There is something more I think that speaks through the ages to our hearts and minds and motivations. I think that the song writer said it best:

You may build great cathedrals large or small,
you can build skyscrapers grand and tall,
you may conquer all the failures of the past,

but only what you do for Christ will last.

Remember only what You do for Christ will last.
Remember only what you do for Christ will last,
only what you do for Him will be counted at the end;
only what you do for Christ will last.

We don’t know Gaius… Yet. We don’t know much about Him. But it is his faithfulness that is still known about 1900 years later. Its this kind of faithfulness that leads young men and women to take their degree name and decide that only His name matters. This faithfulness that looks for Christ in the strangest of situations. Gaius’ faithfulness is what makes his works worth anything.

There is the true hospitality. One that leaves people thinking less about you and more about the one you came on behalf of.

One thought on “>3 John (Part 2) in Hospitality: Only What You do For Christ

  1. >Bro,Thank you so much for rightly dividing. This post was especially meaningful to me today…and I'm not even really sure why. I actually tweeted a couple of lines about concise joy. No worries…I gave you to credit! You need to get on some twitter bro…looking forward to this month's blog and adding some thoughts. Love you buddy and I'm so glad you've got a baby girl to take care of!-rayden

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