>3rd John (Part 2) Epilogue…of sorts (followup on January 21st)

>I have been thinking more about Gauis and these strangers and Haiti and my own household and etc. I think there is another point of irony in this interaction between Gaius and these strangers. It is not the strangers that are foreigners that is not so foreign. What is strange is the foreign love that Gaius demonstrates. And it should not be so foreign a concept especially if 1 John 3:1 is known.

Hospitality not grounded in a foreign love struggles to be hospitality. The last couple of days have been a reminder for me that God loves in a manner that is residually foreign: The reception is foreign and when you understand what you have received you turn around and love in the same foreign manner towards others. He just keeps doing things for me that compells me to want to turn that love around to others (even though inherently I cannot do it as well as He does.)

Whether you open your house and receive the foreigner; send love in foreign lands, disperse hospitality at work, or extend that love to someone you know. The love we extend should be foreign; distinctly different; strange in manner. Which demonstrates that you understand (and the recipient senses) that we are not our own.

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