>3 John (Part 3) in Hospitality: What we oughta do is….


1:6 They have testified to your love before the church. You will do well to send them on their way in a manner worthy of God. 1:7 For they have gone forth on behalf of “The Name,” accepting nothing from the pagans. 1:8 Therefore we ought to support such people, so that we become coworkers in cooperation with the truth. 3 John 1:6-8
I was watching some of the stars coming out to raise as much money as possible for the efforts in Haiti. But I was reminded through a friend Malik Aziz that there are many people without a ‘name’ who are doing just as much if not more. Their names we may never know, yet by their efforts some people’s lives will be saved and others might be set on a path they would have never found.
Gaius’ gets his name in the bible as an example of someone who is faithful. And the ones he helped spoke to about His character. All of them really are not doing anything for their own reputation though. It is ‘The Name’ that leads them to speak, to travel, to open their doors to strangers, to avoid compromise. John instructs him (in what in Greek is titled a mitigated circumstance; a subtle command of sorts) ‘that we (you too) should support such people.’ I think Minister Miguel Warren explained it best in that he instructed his sons as he was departing (if I recall correctly) that they, “MIGHT want to get these dishes cleaned before I get back.” It is a suggestion…but there is clearly a consequence.
For Miguel’s sons there is one consequence. For Gaius the consequence is different. By helping in the manner he could, Gaius finds that he no longer is observing a principle of truth, he is a PARTAKER of truth. It is no longer a concept he observes. It is a character he obeys. He has become a dispenser of hospitality, the same hospitality God has certainly displayed to Him. When we become partakers of truth, we learn that its really not about us; not about my name; something more important is going on.
I’d like to believe that some people who had the privilege of going to Haiti (South Africa, Kenya, Arapho, St. Louis, 27th and Prospect, your neighbor, the next bedroom…) thinking ‘it’s not about me’ found out just how much it really is not. I can imagine getting off a plane on a worn out tarmac and seeing the distruction and chaos would leave you feeling raw. I’d like think that the sobering reality of seeing circumstances beyond what a group of people could fix would be humbling.  We should support such moments for ourselves and others for in these moments we find a humility and a hospitality that is not our own.

7 thoughts on “>3 John (Part 3) in Hospitality: What we oughta do is….

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  2. >This is it P. Shef! I have really learned the meaning of this hospitable love that we are to give towards people. Lately, I have been focusing on displaying hospitality towards people that I consider "guests": individuals in my work and school environment. By using this "Name", I am able to improve as a servant. This trend has given me application of scripture to my life, and allows me to make practical decisions based on His word.-DP

  3. >God is great in he has not left us with a 'regimen' for living right. We instead find our greatest Christlike life is seen in those who residually look toward others. Its getting over that sense of entitlement that makes it so difficult to adjust. We think we are owed something.

  4. >Bro,How great is this stuff…awesome buddy! It reminded me of a saying someone once told me, "Having a few big thoughts doesn't make you a big thinker." Big thinkers are recognized because they act on the simple and true principles that the entire universe knows…Love God, Love people. All the creativity in the world can go unnoticed by God, but He catches even a cup of cold water that's offered in His 'Name'. Keep up the good work my friend.His,Rayden HollisPossible Someday Future Cross Cultural Pastor at Macedonia:-)

  5. >You are crazy but you said a mouthful. If he can make conscious water blush at a wedding you'd think we'd be fleshed thoroughly by His blood. And we'll keep praying about you coming here…or you snatching me away with a church plant.

  6. >Ha Ha! I can't wait for the day when your pastor lets me come preach there…more AMENs than ever heard before!…of course, they'll pretty much all come from me! I'll see what I can do about adding some thoughts in February. Maybe we should do a series together…tie our readers together (push up up to double digits…i'm just sayin'). Pray about it, and then maybe we can do something leading up to Easter. Might be kind of fun! You can offer the serious Bible commentary and I'll tell some mildly funny jokes, using "BRO!" as the punchline. Love you buddy.Sincerely,Rayden HollisPossible Future Pastor of Cross Cultural Studies at Macedonia

  7. >What an awesome thought D. Shef! I believe that we can really get over our false sense of entitlement when we remember that we are "bond-servants" purchased out of the slave market of sin (with no rights and no hope for a future) – We are "douloi". We were purchased by His blood through His grace, laying down His life for us!As we realize that sin is no longer our master and that Christ is now our master, we proudly, humbly, gratefully, submit to "The Name." What an awesome privilege to total submit to a Master that we know will lead us to places and circumstances that He is willing to use us for His glory! I feel like Paul at the close of Romans 11 (Oh, the depth of the riches both of the wisdom and knowledge of God!…) Thanks D. Shef for reminding us, through your blog, to "Hold to Truth" God bless you, Brother!!!P. RichYouth Pastor, Macedonia Baptist Church

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