>And then I remembered…. (A digression from 3rd John)

>One day I awoke to a host of memories of sin and errors that long sense have passed yet have lingering effects. And I was shaken to the point where it would have been better to stay in the bed.
And then I remembered…

                                                        But this I call to mind;
          therefore I have hope:
        The Lord’s loyal kindness never ceases;
              his compassions never end.
They are fresh every morning;
                  your faithfulness is abundant!

So I went and brushed my teeth. And looking in the mirror I was broken by all the flaws that are clearly seen when you get close enough to the mirror to see yourself. Pained by gazing into the mirror and knowing what I am susceptible to. What by God’s grace left unstrained would hang me up and hinder the body too. For a minute I was paralyzed by my own precepts. And then I remembered…
                               We tear down arguments and every arrogant obstacle
                           that is raised up against the knowledge of God,
     and we take
                           every thought
captive to make it obey Christ.
So I put my coat on and headed to the door to continue with the day. And as I opened the door I saw a fallen world that is cold that I am no longer of. And I remembered parts, areas, and principalities that I used to join in and give hearty approval to others doing too. And I heard them calling me to join in…again. I heard the cries of those lost who begged for an eternal truth and an answer to the question of evil and suffering in the world. And I began to doubt myself and the rest of the body also. I began to question would we live today worthy of His reputation (his Glory), not shying away from the Gospel and all of its implications. Then I remembered…
“The LORD bless you and protect you;
The LORD make his face to shine upon you,
and be gracious to you;
The LORD lift up his countenance upon you
and give you peace.”

When I would start my day on my history alone, I find a wasted day. For I had forgotten all that God had done before the alarm clocked sounded. But,
when I remember….

5 thoughts on “>And then I remembered…. (A digression from 3rd John)

  1. >Yes,when we look in the mirror and truly see how messed up we truly are, it makes me praise God that much more. God continuously molds us into his image. We are blessed to have been chosen. God bless you and Tsheff and the lil sheffs. 🙂

  2. >Charles Spurgeon said, "Many preachers are simply dry wells with nothing whatever in them, except decaying leaves, a few stones, and perhaps a dead cat or two."This post is a deep and satisfying well, full of sweet, crystal clear water. The depth is undetectable. The impact, unpredictable. The well was dug by those who went before us…but I am grateful that you pointed the way. From my stirred heart, thank you my friend.

  3. >Wonderful! It is easy to see the tangible things GOD has done or doing, but it realizing the things he has done, is doing and will do without ceasing in prayer and praise even when that is most difficult.

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