>My House is Open Too: Introduction

>There was a distinct moment as I was closing my college career in the Grad Tower at the University of Kansas where I can say with some sense of certainty that God made some things abundantly clear to me. I have yet to acquire any kind of consistency in lifestyle- I wish I was more patient, more caring, willing to be more vulnerable, and could let go of this prideful Jayhawk spirit. But I think I can say without fringing on arrogance that I think that at the least I understand things with a Hubble-like telescope compared to my fisher price I was using before. Still distant but some things have been magnified dramatically.

I will be using the next month or so to experience chaos in my home in the form of seeing things in a diaper no man should have to see. So I figured in keeping with the theme of 3rd John I will open up my blog ‘house’ to some friends who are carriers of ‘The Name’ also. A sort of friends and family – blog style. One thing that God has magnified dramatically for me over the years is the necessity and purpose of Christian friendship (fellowship.) One reason is God never called us to live it alone (hard to love your brother that way.) And just as important, it may be just for me but there are some friends that I am quite certain I would not have known  or known better if it were not specifically for Jesus death, burial, and resurrection. And for that reason I am humbled for my brother and others you will get to read over the month that are my friends. I know for some I have reiterated that it is my privilege to be considered their friend and for that reason I am (and can be) eternally thankful.

For the next few months we will hear from others who are carrying ‘The Name’ on their respective mission field. Let me testify on their behalf to their faithfulness and (mitigated circumstance) you would do well to read their thoughts also so that together we might become co-labors of encouragement and continual dispensers of truth. These are just some of the people who by God’s grace I have obtained the privilege of knowing before eternity. I hope you will be blessed by their thoughts as much as I have been. I hope you will laugh as much as I have too. We’ll run it Sheffield sandwich style. My brother will kick it off, followed by a host of ministers and friends and the last (for this little project) will be my Mom. Drop a comment and show them some love in the comment section.

So tomorrow we will get our first entry from my brother Harold J. Sheffield, Jr. I felt it only right for him to start it off as he is one of the single most clear illustration of a faithfulness in reality for me. A residual reminder of why my closest friends hear me say quite often “stay close” and “endure.” Not a perfect person; he has brushed against a number of hurricanes and he is coming out dry on the other side. He thought this was our first ‘work’ we’ve done together, but actually our first one began in the system around 94-95. I trust his thoughts will be worth the read and I hope you enjoy them as much as I will.


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