Anyone who has ever held a J.O.B. knows that there are times or rather seasons that we go through that really push us to our limit. Those instances when your patience is at an all time low because of the need to meet a deadline or most correctly put, meet someone’s expectation. Despite the fact that we are working as hard as we possibly can, it seems as though nothing is ever good enough. Reports are due, meetings to attend and calls to return. I’ve noticed that there is a constant treadmill that stays evaluated and on high speed with many employers. I have been running tirelessly; trying to meet everyone’s demand except my own. I have jumped, flipped, crawled, ran, sprinted, and even swim in order to hit production goals. The bible is very clear in Colossians 3:23 that we are to work hard as working for the Lord rather than for men…(NASB). Everyone reading this will probably give a nod and say, ‘right on brother.’ But why do we allow ourselves to be tricked knowing the outcome? Let me quickly summarize how easy this can happen for the spiritual-minded Christian. I am living proof.

Looking back over the last couple of months I have noticed patterns that were showing up. I attended bible study every Wednesday, only missing when out of town. I have encouraged others to hang in there: fight the good fight, don’t give in or up, God is on your side. I became so tired at night that I immediately climbed right into bed, exhausted from the day-to-day turmoil. I even discovered that when I thought that I had turned off the treadmill…it was actually still running at a lower speed but on the same incline. What do I mean? My Friday, Saturday and Sunday turned into Monday because my mind was still on overload from the hustle of the week. So now I’m jumping, flipping and hopping for the company at the same time, losing much needed nutrients from the spiritual-mental component..

It took a Christian co-worker by the name of Mark to call me one day. Mark called just to tell me that I was on his mind. This was really encouraging because Mark and I had never talked much in the past, although I have always carried a huge amount of respect for him. He is one that seems to always have it together in spite of the pressure and deadlines, etc.

As Mark and I spoke he mentioned that he had been observing me in meetings and in passing. He said and I quote, “It seems like you’re not yourself.” He was actually right. I felt like bursting out into tears because those simple words reminded me that I had let the treadmill alter my appearance. This subtle behavior not only effected my appearance but 1) My Fellow-ship with God other believers, 2) Relationship with family and my 3) Mental state.

What do we learn from this behavior? First of all, we must notice that when we are running so hard for everyone else, there has to be some missing pieces. Ephesians 6:11-18 tells us that we need the armor of God to stand against these schemes. Why? It is because the flesh seeks nothing but self-glorification, promotions, more money, recognition and the old ‘pat on the back.’ “Way to go DaJuan, you have just won the company’s most valuable fool award!” All while losing your family, fellowship and your mind.

Brothers and sisters in Christ, the armor of God weighs you down so that we are 1) Running at His speed 2) Focused on Him and His plan for spiritual growth, personally and corporately. That must always be our spiritual position even when the treadmill is on. Colossians 3:24 keeps us grounded on the big picture of the corporate race, “knowing that from the Lord you will receive the reward of the inheritance. It is the Lord Christ whom you serve”.

I want to sincerely thank God for allowing a true friendship to be forged with Mark. We have made an agreement to regular visits, even if it’s nothing more than a 15 minute conversation. Mark provided a Gaius type model that made me think on our Christian connection in the workplace. So often overlooked and so often undervalued: we neglect the power of Christian fellowship at work. There should never be a time when we have to go looking for Gaius and if one does not exist then you become one. Thank you Mark for bringing me back to reality!

2 thoughts on “>My House Is Open 2: Writer DaJuan Mack – CHRISTIANS ON THE TREADMILL, WHERE IS GAUIS?

  1. >DMack,Such a fantastic post bro! Thanks so much for sharing, not just your knowledge, but your very life with us. I was really blessed by your thoughts about the armor of God weighing us down so that we find His speed and focus our affections and attentions on Him. As you continue moving forward, serving Him and living out His NAME, remember that the aches and pains that discouraged people feel are not caused by a lack of peace, a lack of purpose, a lack of direction, or a lack of focus. Those things may all be present, but the pain in their lives is caused by being "DIS-couraged". They lack courage. As you continue to wage war against the flesh, the powers and the principalities keep in mind that you are more than a conquerer through Him who loves you. And when you can't go anywhere else, you can stand by me. I don't know you well, but we're in the same battle, fighting for the same Lord. Thank you so much for your encouraging words. You really blessed my life today bro.

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