>My House Is Open 3: Introduction Clarence Bussey

>There are a few people who I can guarantee are there for a good laugh at any given moment about just about anything. One of them is Clarence Bussey. When you add some of the ridiculous ‘international’ situations we’ve found ourselves in its weird that we have never pushed a sitcom concept to my boy Malik, perhaps we could all get paid. I digress…

Clarence Bussey or ‘Bussey’ as we affectionately call him is one of ”the brothers’ carrying the name in 3rd John. I imagine that as they were evangel-traveling from place to place there was always one who even in the midst of being beatdown for the Gospel managed to say something that probably got them beat more but almost made it worth the laugh. Bussey is a strong preacher of the gospel, His primary pulpit (enviously for me) is before a host of fresh minds at a local college. We met in a time where I was just beginning to embrace who for years I had denied and God used Him to reassure that all of my differences and shortcomings would not drive everyone away.

He’s also the one who forever will have me choking whenever I hear the words Des Moines, Iowa.

Fellowship in the body is a beautiful thing. I trust you will enjoy what Bussey has for us. Drop him a comment.


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