>My House Is Open 4: Introduction Rayden Hollis

>I want to say it was Philosophy of Missions while we were working on our masters degree that we met. It must have been a Monday night. Nothing like three hours of class on a Monday after being at work all day. Rayden has been the truest example of the definition I came to and use as a kink in what I tell my twentysomethings who are constantly looking for some well to ‘a la self-sanctify’ on top of grace as a response to what God has done: If you want to see if you are growing look at your love for others, and you know your love is maturing best when those you love don’t look like you.

We had one class together about 5 years ago and then he got important and moved to Memphis. Actually since that course I think we’ve only been in the same city once when he let me come down to preach. And this is perhaps the significance of my point for Rayden in my introduction. Carriers of the name bring something distinctly better to friendship. And it is a reason why friendships in the body stay close…the texting and facebook and google talk just help.

Rayden is a good brother. I trust you will enjoy what he has to say.


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