>My House Is Open 5: Introduction Jon Lucas

>I could have had Dajuan Mack pontificate on all the great things that Jon Lucas has done, will do but that would not really be the point. I met this brother Dajuan during one of my pilgrimages to Omaha. It didn’t take me long to realize that this brother has something to say. I think I got a degree of what Gaius got: when you meet people who are carrying ‘The Name’ even though they are strangers you know there is an eternal commonality between you. There is something beautiful about the binding together that Christ allows simply by His name (and its implications.)

I suppose that the digital mp3 turntables helps too…but I digress.

I get the feeling that His ministry of overseeing the youth at Morningstar Baptist and amount of traveling he does is only a glimpse of what is to come in his life. You can keep up with him at his SITE. I’m just glad that Dmack doesn’t hoard folks in the body so I got a chance to meet him (and open his house for that matter. THANKS DMACK)

That said I trust you’ll enjoy Minister Jon Lucas words on the topic. Drop him a comment.


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