>My House Is Open 6: Intermission My Godmother’s house

>I’m awaiting a few more entries from of my close friends and family on this little series. I think I have noticed through the experience how incredibly busy we are in life. So let me reiterrate my thanks for you all who have taken time to sit down an pen a few words of importance for others to read.

I recall from time to time my God mother who you could for all intensive purposes call a sage. I don’t remember in my life, or the pictures prior to my birth a time where she did not look old. She never drove, never had kids, and when my godfather passed away never slept in the house by herself. Well…that is not exactly true. There was one event where she did but only after a 9 year old DeLano had to get on the phone and convince her that because of the storm outside you have to stay home. I digress…

She was innovative and resourceful. The last of an era of people who were not detached from societies pressures, prejudices, etc. Yet still felt a strong sense of personal responsibility. She is the one who complimented my parents teaching us to pray: I’d go to sleep with her praying and when I woke up she’d still be praying on her knees praying. She is the one who complimented discipline. THE SWITCH was a noble concept until I got to her house and now I can say I’ve been through the process of Leather and Wood (Dad was more of a belt disciplinarian.) And there were the unintentional lessons also.

I don’t remember a person coming in that house who did not feel at home. Hot perhaps; She used to keep the heat on 90. But in terms of the atmosphere (non meteorologically speaking) it was always pleasant. I think that had she had 100 kids it would have felt the same way for me. I think that it is not because she was such a nice person (which she was) but because when you really know God he does something to your intentions which result in you duplicating the same household. We (our homes, our hearts, our time, our arms) become microcosms of the temple of the Lord: a place where you (undeservingly) enter with gratitude and never feel like you have to do works to earn the right to stay.


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