>My House is Open 7: Introduction Michael Watson

>There are many thoughts I could share about Mike Watson, none of which would do justice. It’s nice to cross paths with someone who says some ridiculous things you are thinking. Out of those in my immediate circle, he is probably the one who literally reminds me most of those ‘carrying the name.’ Because of his talent in basketball, Mike is constantly on the road. So when you get a chance to cross paths outside of facebook, or the random ‘man! watch this clip on youtube’ text, it is something nice.

I don’t remember exactly how we met, certain it was through some moment initiated through J.L. Brooks at Macedonia but I do recall a moment at a certain Panera Bread. Mike may not remember but something happened that set a precedent of which to date I have been reaping some encouragement and benefit. For that I am thankful for my friend…yet another person who I can say with some degree of certainty that the death and resurrection of Jesus is the reason we met.

I trust you will enjoy Mike Watsons words …
                  …and uncanny ability to be ridiculous.

CONSEQUENTLY: I was asked today ‘how do you make a comment?’ At the close of every blog entry you can click the word ‘comment’ (or some variation) and it will take you to a page where you have a few options (anonymous or by name) on how to enter your comment or thoughts. I believe the writers would appreciate your thoughts or questions as much as I would.

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