>My House Is Open 7: Writer Michael Watson – Current Legacy

>I’ve been blessed with an opportunity to travel the world while playing a game and even had the nerve to have been compensated for it. So that goes without saying as one lucky choice in careers. From Wroclaw, Poland (Polonia) to Rouen, France. Back east to Jesi, Italy and then a brief stopover in Asia Minor (Istanbul,Turkey). My man D. Shef still hasn’t forgiven a brotha for that trip! lol. And then even a few journeys to El Isla Del Encanto (Puerto Rico). But no matter where I’ve traveled or for how long I’ve stayed, there is absolutely no place like home. Good ole Kansas City,Missouri (Not Kansas lol)

Throughout my extensive travels I am often reminded of what is taking place on the battlefield I affectionately call ‘home’. Thanks to the World Wide Web and satellites that can connect me via phone even though I am thousands of miles away, I am afforded the chance to receive…..news. Not often (almost never) do I get the chance to read just good old fashioned glorious news stories. Like the Chiefs blew out the Patriots on their way to the AFC Championship game. Or that the Royals are 50 games above .500 going into the postseason. Nope, not often, or hardly ever do these kinds of things cross my screen or enter my ear. Most of the reports I receive are of the other, truly sad to say, more common nature of our news. The not so good stuff. So I said “You know what?!? I want to play reporter for a change and send home a good report to the Faithful few.

You see I’ve learned that the work is plenty, yet the workers are very few. There ARE NOT many Christians who are willing to invest, or be hospitable with what God has blessed them with. The Church has become more of a community than the body we have been instructed and commanded to be. The Body can not function if one of its parts is not contributing in the way God designed it to function. (Shout out to Pastor Damon Horton at Truth Bible Fellowship in KCMO) But in spite of the collective body not working in sync, there are a select few who are to be commended as Gaius was by John.(Nope I’m not an Apostle…not yet anyway. Still awaiting the text message! haha,j/k) Those who have chosen to invest what they have received from Christ in order for God to be truly glorified thru them and for the Great Commission to be “Commished!” lol

Men like John Leslie Brooks, Pastor of Macedonia Baptist Church who live a life worthy of the calling to which he has been called. I affectionately refer to him as my “Paul” in the Faith. A man who lives above reproach and is spoken of highly because of the Christ whom he serves. And the fruit is evident Or Andre Roberson, a young man of the Faith who has allowed his lifestyle to speak louder than any words ever could. A devoted husband, father and proclaimer of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. And Pastor DeLano Sheffield, a man after God’s own heart. Someone who lives “full-time” ministry without the matching compensation or longing for such. Seeing lives changed, lives impacted is priceless in his eyes. You see as I report these things to which I’ve been a witness, I am not only rejoicing in having the privilege of knowing these individuals, but am led to issue this challenge to my readers. Would your life compel another to commend you

for your service to others in the Body of Christ? If not, then simply, WHY NOT?

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