>Many Thanks

>I think we’ve just about arrived at the next stop for this little series. I want to take a moment and thank the people who took the time to help me out and write something on my blog. I know you could be doing anything you want with your time for you to go out of your way and drop something on this blog is something I really appreciate. And let me thank you all who are regular (occaisional, distant?, etc.) readers of the blog. Do me a favor, if you’d like to see a topic covered; something helpful in your pursuit to holding to truth drop me a line.

We in the process of developing a series right now to be dropped on the web (hopefully) mid April. In the meantime I’ll be giving  you some updates on some other sites I feel you you might want to check out. Be on the look out for:
                    – Are you Diotrophes? (I think this might be a good evangelical t-shirt.)
                    – A feature on Minister Jon Lucas podcast if you love great music and a flavor of ministry that keeps your head rocking while hearing the word.
                   – A little something for the love of my wife as we draw near 7 short years of marriage.

Keep me in your favorites and PLEASE continue to forward to those who need to, want to, love to, long to Hold To Truth.

In His Grip,


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