>Humility as a context for Self-Evaluation


Easter seems to take on different importance as I get older. While I still have great joy in the nobility and splendor of a basket of milk chocolate the luster has moved on to constituents of Atonement, Resurrection and Peter pulling knives out on folks. And more lately than ever I think that they beauty of Easter has not been just in recollection of all that Jesus has done but I find myself reflecting more on who I am in relationship to what he has done. One of the things I learn to embrace is that I am not as humble as I’d like to believe I am.

So I am reading a discourse from a Trinity Evangelical Journal Article by Kari Konkola entitled Meek Imperialists: Humility in 17th Century England. I have concluded that first you have to be pretty humble to write 42 pages on the topic (and all the more when the object of the topic is 17th Century England.) But more so I particularly liked her comparison from the 17th century till today where “this virtue has almost totally disappeared from modern Christianity.” I wanted to disagree but I found that her truth was not found far from under my nose.

SO I think this is something worth looking into: Humility as a baseline for who we are supposed to be. And I’m curious if you’d be so humble as to share your thoughts. What is humility? What is it not?

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2 thoughts on “>Humility as a context for Self-Evaluation

  1. >When I think of what humility is, I think of Jesus washing feet! Our Lord knew that the ones He had been caring for was going to desert Him at His most difficult hour. This illustration shows that true humility has little to do with others but everything to do with one's own heart. A heart of compassion for others to this grand magnitude can only be a result of an uncompromising resolve to carry out the will of the Father in Heaven. Praise God! What humility is not? Humility towards the LORD is not cowardice towards the world. Friendship with the world is enmity with God. We are the salt of the earth. We should not see humility towards God as form of weakness. God the Father was pleased with Jesus because He did everything the Father wanted Him to do. This included the foot washing. Was this form of humility towards the LORD being weak in the world? No, that was being strong in the LORD!

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