>Dear Tes

>Dear Tes,

I keep thinking that somehow my math must be off but anyway you do the math (unless you’re a politician) 2003 to 2010 is 7 years. I can’t believe they have gone so fast. To think that only 7 years ago we made a covenant that would permeate every part of the rest of our lives is something that has deeply affected the way I think about everything now. To think that in spite of all of my shortcomings you would say yes and endure my ridiculousness is humbling.

Thank you for loving me. Thank you more for allowing me to try to love you as God makes me more apt to do so. These fast seven years have been a lesson after lesson that marriage truly is truly a chance to loose yourself and gain something greater if you are willing to wait…

Thank you for growing…or rather for embracing the fact that God is going to make you grow. You keep the marriage strong by your desire to please Him. I get the benefits from it.

Thank you for trying to be patient and for caring and being concern with my needs and going out of your way that in spite of two children who need their mother, you still manage to keep showing me that I still matter.

Happy Anniversary love. I love you and may this first seven be a foreshadow of the beauty of the rest of our lives together.


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