>Ever Walked On Water?

The TwentySomething ministry is using John Ortberg’s If You Want to Walk on Water You Have to Get out of the Boat for our small group studies on Monday nights at UMKC. Ortberg gives 9 Characteristics of Water Walkers in chapter one of his book, which thanks to my wife in all her splendor saved me a bunch of time by providing a summary of the topic. If you are a Hold to Truth fan perhaps you’ll enjoy doing the same task I have given the Twentysomethings. Explain these 9 characteristics of people who walk by faith to someone who is close to you and then have them tell you how well you line up with the list. Perhaps your first step in a more faithful boat leaving life is transparency to understand the reality of where you are. I’d love to hear your answers if you’re not a 20s so click COMMENT and leave one or email me at delanojsheffield@gmail.com

And let me say a blessed thank you and grace to all the 18-35 year olds who are supporting the ministry and doing their best to answer the call and support Sis Ina and myself also.
Characteristics of Water Walkers. How do you line up?

1. Water-Walkers Recognize God’s Presence
    Jesus reassures those who believe of His character and His competence as the pilot or head of our life.
2. Water-Walkers Discern Between Faith and Foolishness
    Those who believe do not flippantly take action but seek confirmation and clarification from the pilot (Jesus).
3. Water-Walkers Get Out of the Boat
    Those who believe set aside their personal fears, hang ups, comfort zones and step out on faith in the pilot (Jesus).
4. Water-Walkers Expect Problems
    Those who believe “know” that everything in this world is risky but their focus is on the pilot (Jesus) and His character and His competence.

5. Water-Walkers Accept Fear as the Price of Growth
    Those who believe embrace the knowledge that they will continually be required to overcome their personal fears and reject comfort because they desire to get to know the pilot (Jesus) more and more.

6. Water-Walkers Master Failure Management
     Those who believe do not view “failure” as the world does but view it as an opportunity to learn and grow, an opportunity to trust in and get to know the pilot (Jesus) better.

7. Water-Walkers See Failure as an Opportunity to Grow
    Those who believe know that “failure” is a possibility, but also know that how they respond to it reflects their relationship and trust in the pilot (Jesus).

8. Water-Walkers Learn to Wait on the Lord
    Those who believe trust in the pilot (Jesus) despite whatever type of storm, suffering, or circumstance they may be going through.

9. Water-Walking Brings a Deeper Connection with God
     Those who believe and step out of their comfort zones in order to focus on who truly matters will be rewarded with a deeper, more intimate relationship with the pilot (Jesus).

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