>A New Day to Try to Get it Right


Lamentations 3:22-24
The Lord’s loyal kindness
never ceases;
his compassions
never end.
They are fresh
every morning;
your faithfulness is abundant!
“My portion is the Lord,” I have said to myself,
so I will put my hope in him.

Each day seems to start out similar. Good intentions, a bowl of cereal and running out the door. Most days we understand some level of the fact that its gift to have a day to live. To exist, to endure the days events, to wonder why there still is no Dunkin Doughnuts within a reasonable area of downtown Kansas City. I think we get that to some degree. The days when we have “major sin” (that is the sin we care to recognize after the missed all the other stuff we didn’t notice) is where the ‘this day is a blessing’ starts to take on life.

This is one of my favorite scriptures. And it is taken on a little more importance as a get a little older and change a few more diapers…. There is something we lose in our culture that speaks volumes in times past when you say the word covenant, covenant faithfulness, covenant love, etc. God is really accustomed to loving us. Period. He’s just not the one who half does anything. This explains why He corrects, rebukes, forgives, elevates, etc. so well. When we have had a good day and we awake here another day, there he is awaiting our opportunity to realize grace has embraced us. When we arrive at the conclusion that our day is not as good as we had think the same grace surrounds our awakening also. Each day leads to the same theme “yesterday is over, He is faithful this morning, it’s a new day to try to get it right.”

I have found that the mess-up days make me appreciate that more. But now I see what “it” is a little better. “It” used to be avoiding stuff, pumping my self-esteem to façade like belief in a hurricane of events; ignoring blatant realities beyond my strength. I was leaving vs. 24 off. Getting “it” right always starts in what your hope is in. And if you have the wrong hope, you’ll eventually end up with the wrong result. Each day whether my previous day was full of accomplishments or residue of a humanity I am no longer a part of I have decided that today is a day to get it right. And “it” is when I say and then act upon “I will put my trust in him.”


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