>So that you may know the Hope of His Calling


There are plenty of jokes about the response of the ice cream call, but it is rather humorous to see the dash of 30 kids from various homes to one spot at the sound of ‘doo doo do-do do-do do-do do dooo doooooo…..” Ah yes the splendid taste of ice cream preceded the melodious bellow of an ambiguous tune on the back of a broken down Scooby Doo Mystery Van. I find it interesting that it didn’t matter what time the van came through it was always the right time. Ten in the morning or after the street lights came on it was worth the whoopin’ as long as you got ice cream on the way home to enjoy before you knew what was coming. I also find it interesting that no one knows exactly where the ice cream came from or who that guy is sweating profusely in a van full of ICE cream. But we care, we still run (in the dark, rain, sleet, creeping into late fall, etc.) to get the frozen foot with the bubble gum, Neapolitan ice cream sandwiches and that nasty cone with the peanuts on top among other splendid flavors.
If for just one moment everyone (at least at a distance) looks the same. I agree they are all attempting to devour various forms of frozen fat. But, from the moment the bell tolls their departure from their previous dispositions produces a unified response. Drop the PS2,Wii,book(?) and run for the calling of the ice cream. And until they reach the stick (or the paper for the sandwich professors) they look like one group of extremely elated ice cream eaters. They are eating different types but together they are doing one thing.

Here is the picture of the Christian body. I dare not denounce Jesus to Ice Cream but His calling should be similar. At the very least you would think that when Jesus calls we would all be running. Not to the ice cream truck to receive something, but to whatever it is that God calls us to. You would also expect that His calling is synonymous with others calling. While we may not hear the same notes, same vocals, same chorus, you would expect the same song to be playing. And lastly when God calls, you would also expect that we would be moving to the same place. For ice cream that place is one truck on the street. For the believer it should be ‘one Lord, one faith, one Baptism’ on the path headed toward corporate body unity. Paul says (Ephesians 1:18) that he prays to God for the corporate body in Ephesus that ‘since the eyes of (their) hearts have been enlightened’ they would ‘know what is the hope of His calling.’ God’s hope is central to one point: unity.

Whether you are sandwiched together with a mate and children or the flavor at work, realize that God’s call to the body through Christ is a call to bellow ‘unity’ in word and deed. You begin that call when He is working through you. We demonstrate our understanding of the hope of His calling when we go out of our way to tie ourselves together with our brothers and sisters. In the home, at work, in recreation, in your shifting life’s goals, and then perhaps even Sunday morning the call of God is driving down the streets of our hearts: One Lord, One Faith, One Baptism. We understand what we have heard when we hope for the same thing that he had hoped for us.

4 thoughts on “>So that you may know the Hope of His Calling

  1. >So should we go to unbelievers and say "I got some Jeesus, I got some Jeesus!". That is until we fall and they respond, "You dropped yo Jeesus."

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