I remember a time where I was attempting to find my way into the basement in the dark. Somewhere between the darkness and my own delusions I miscalculated the number of steps left….I remembered as I tumbled to the floor that if someone could have seen this it would have been horribly humorous. How could I have been so far off to think that I was on the floor when there were at least two steps left? I’d like to blame it on the darkness but I’ve (and don’t laugh you certainly done the same thing too) miscalculated a step or two in the light also.

When we talk about the horrible word sin it as thought we want to define it as a misstep: a simple miscalculation which leads us to stumble. But the misstep is more along the lines of stepping off into nothing. We read the warning signs saying ‘5 meters till the end’ and read that as “I have 5 more meters to play around with.” But never look down to realize that this warning is the last thing we will see.
Paul tells us that WE were ‘dead in our transgressions and sins’ ( Eph. 2:1-4 )and characterized by children of disobedience; asking for God’s judicial wrath. We owe, we misstep, we miscalculate, and this is not because we are counting wrong and missed a step. It is because we do not want to count right. Separation from God always leads to a desire to do the exact opposite of what God longs for us to do and be. Take Adam and Eve for example. They could have 5,000 things they can do, they would not be satisfied unless it is 5,001.
When you understand this, what God has done becomes more important. When you realize you are feeling your way around a pool of nothingness with the rest of humanity what He has done becomes everything. We were all standing at the last warning of ‘5 meters till the end’ and we jumped in, gave hearty approval to others to do it also, and then wrote a book about it (whether on paper or on face.)

But God who is rich in mercy, even though we were dwelling in a pool of nothingness made us alive in Christ.


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