>You’re on a boat. (That you should have never been on.) You can’t swim. The boat fails and you have no method of contacting anyone. As a matter of fact you were so lost you did not know that you were even lost nor did you care for that matter. Plus it is foggy. Real foggy. Then this man shows up (who you cannot see real well) and shouts ‘I AM’ going to pull you in” You say thank you (if you understood that you should be thankful at that point) and he ties a rope to your vessel, throws you a lot of supplies and begins to pull you in. Slowly you start to feel the boat pulling you back toward land and although you can’t see him you trust His pulling (not Him so much but it is a start.) But it is a long journey so you begin to get sidetracked by things going on in the boat. You think the deck is dirty so you spend more time cleaning a boat, worrying about the tension between boards, sorting and resorting, throwing some old boards overboard (“ouch!”), etc. Every once and a while you feel the rope on your boat tugged and you hear the words ‘I AM still the one pulling you in.’ It reminds you of how thankful you are (or how thankful you should be.) So you start to look at the supplies he provided and it gives you a glimpse of Him. The supplies He provided are everything necessary (1 peter 1:3 and vs.4-10) for this journey you are headed on. You see the boat moving, it makes you thankful and the result is the more you want to know who about this man who is who is pulling you in. And there is the cycle:

The boat moves, you are thankful, you ‘gotta know more,’ boat moves, you are thankful, gotta know more, boat moves….

As time goes by the fogginess starts to fade and you see way off in the distance a man on a shore you’ve never been on is pulling on the rope. And each day the murkiness clears a little and you find yourself looking at what he is doing. A little closer, a little closer…what is that??? It’s a bunch of ropes! Now you start to look around and see He is pulling a bunch of boats at once and it is almost like he is looking dead at you and pointing to your right and left. So you look around and notice something you did not care about before. “THAT EXPLAINS WHY HE WAS YELLING SO LOUD! HE WAS NOT JUST TALKING TO ME WHEN HE SAID ‘I AM GOING TO PULL YOU IN” Now the like you had turns in to love because you see that he just did not just save you but in One Call he pulled All at the same time (and across time.) The boatS move, you see them all moving, We are thankful, you want to know more, the boats move….

Now you remember the supplies. You see all these ropes moving toward him and you notice that some ropes are tied to people who are getting pulled through the water…but they have no boat. So you grab some supplies and you are able to pull them toward yours and they are riding with you. Then as you look around you see people stranded and you ask them ‘do you want to be pulled with us to safety?’ They say ‘yes’ so you grab more supplies and they tie their planks, and boats to your vessel until you are all together on the same vessel. And all the while the son of Man on the land where you have never been to is pulling you all together and together at the same time.

The boat moves, you see them all moving, you are thankful, you want to know who it is pulling us in…

The boat moves…

There is one body and one Spirit—just as you were called to one hope when you were called— 5one Lord, one faith, one baptism; one God and Father of all, who is over all and through all and in all.

One thought on “>THE BOAT MOVES

  1. >Lovely rendition! The only thing I would have done differently is:1) I would have allowed the reader be mystified.2) I believe that God shows us when we are lost in His alloted time.3) I feel like the story is leading as opposed to allowing the reader to make a decision-if you give all the answers, (it doesn't allow them to exercise faith) eventhough we understand that God truly does the choosing/drawing.4)I may have given a final thought to let the reader know my intentions. It is very good that the great "I AM" reveals Himself a little at a time on this adventure but not only to you but others in the same lost state. Nothing is too much for God. He works and exposed Himself to you and others without losing any power. He sheds His glory on whom He choses at His appointed time. This is just my opinion. Doesn't relly mean a thing. Thanks so much for sharing.

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