>How to Mess Your Day Up before you get out of the Bed

>I awoke this morning to a slew of comments on the news that were not encouraging. I believe it was Garner Taylor quoting someone else(?) that said that a teacher (preacher) should have the bible in one hand and a newspaper in the other. And I get his point in the sense of having some clue of what is going on in the world you live in, but this morning I could have done without it.

I’m not sure if it was the outlook on the economy and the sheer number of lingering unemployed people, the increase amount of foreclosures, the regular senseless violence (how do you assault anyone let alone the elderly), or the Royals up and down season (decade,quarter-century…) Maybe it was none of those; maybe I’m just a little drained. Whatever it was for a brief moment I slipped. And for the sake of clarity let me go ‘exegetical’ for a moment on my thoughts and perhaps you will find that you have done the same thing.

3 Reasons how I slipped

1. I entertained the thoughts about what is going on as a surprise. For just a second I considered what was said as though it was something ‘new’ to me. I forgot the ninety plus times in the gospels and elsewhere that tell us trouble doesn’t last…but there will be trouble. Being surprised by what is known to have to happen opens us up to all kinds of trouble.

2. I left the TV’s story and started to create my own story. Sometimes those stories come in the form of questions. ‘What if I lose my job?’ ‘What if the violence moves its way into my neighborhood?’ ‘What if the royals are garbage forever?’ ‘What if I sprain my ankle getting out of the bed?’ The question would not be bad in itself, the problem is in our brains we never stop with the question. By the time you get to the question mark you have already created a vivid picture of the conclusion.

3. I stayed there too long. This one is the dangerous one and the one we tend to miss most. We think that when we rise that we leave that perspective folded up in the comforter or nestled in between your slippers. The reality is when you get up…the wrong perspective has already brushing his teeth in the bathroom, shaving and eating a doughnut.

THIS WAS where I was. But then I remembered what Paul reminded us corporate Jews and Gentiles about in Ephesians 2:9 that WE are His Masterpiece “having been created in Christ Jesus for good works that God prepared beforehand so we may do them.” Whatever the problems (or the good things for that matter) that come my, your, our way, we have to remember the things we do as a privilege to serve God were marked out well before the appearance of ‘trouble’ came on the TV.
Having remembered that I got out of the bed and prayed with my wife family…

Faithfulness is not ignorant of all the possibilities…even some of the bad things that are likely. But faithfulness recalls the object of what we believe will be true even if it is necessary that it cannot be true today. We don’t long for some far off fairyland where midnight never comes and the fairy godmother just keeps the party going on the daily. We long for a fair and just God; our Father who reminds us daily that  He is never going to part.

What do you all think? Do we slip up? Do we forget? Or are we bombarded with so much so often that we miss it?


3 thoughts on “>How to Mess Your Day Up before you get out of the Bed

  1. Is it wrong that I fear God’s lessons? I know that He loves me and He’ll give me everything I need to get through. But I’m horrified by His methods of teaching. Like most sane people, I hate pain. I would prefer not to hurt. But I also understand that sometimes God takes us through some stuff to help us grow. And I believe that I’ll get there. But the idea of going through the trials (and pain often associated with them) is scary. So now I’m afraid of gang violence, the swine flu, and God. These fears are exhausting and not sexy. It feels spiritually immature to think this way, but it’s where I am right now.

  2. Better to admit your inadequasies than to give credance to them they don’t deserve. It doesn’t mean God cannot or won’t or isn’t fixing you it just may mean you won’t recognize what is going on while its going on. And if I might digress for a moment “confessions of a Keion” read my post from May 17 on Creeds (and soon to come ariticle on confessions.) You’re silly but you’re making a good statement of affirmation….even if its not where you hope to be.

    It thing the distinction in fearing those other things is that you mentioned: gang violence, swine flu, (might I add FICA to that list.) Is there is no hope in them. Essentially you want to be at a reverential fear of God. And I don’t just mean respect but proper understanding that the God who created all in desire and it comes into existence also holds your very existence in His hand. But not fear in a vacum. We tend to fear in vacums. Meaning without all the other ingredients. Fear is balanced by when you know Him. Apart from grace is wrath. But there is grace. So if I only see fear perhaps I need to recognize the Father better. And thus the necessity of prayer, study, the rest of the corporate body, etc.

    I think that perhaps what happens in that is the argument changes. Because a little less rational and a lot more biblical. You go from “i’d never want to go through that kind of pain” to “with who He is and what He is making us into together why would I not want to endure through it.” Its when the Gospel is og mody importance that everything else is put in proper perspective. Not an easy task, but thanks for todays reminder that this is what I should be concentrating on. Now I need to go pray again Keion. lol

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