>4 down….


I’ll be spending my evening with a few friends as we continue to tarry through the book of Ephesians. There are a few things I find that I should be thankful for in this process. One God has been very gracious to permit me the opportunity to have my wife Theresa there throughout the series. While that means I’m actually paying to teach this course I am reaping an immediate reward. I see some powerful potential paved by our going through this together.

I have also enjoyed the faithfulness of the group. The majority of those who started have made it to this point and I’d like to believe they are finding a blessing in learning ‘it’s not all about me….it’s not really about me at all.’ And I pray that their eyes of their hearts are enlightened as we collectively learn what is the hope of His calling.

Many thanks to one of those strong cheerleaders in my life Cathy Thomas Jackson (I’ll get used to it soon)who screems “I GOT YOUR BACK” with her support. Facilities are everything but when you have a place prepared it gives you freedom to be concerned with what is eternal.

And what is the greatest lesson I have learned to date as we continue tonight? That Ephesians 2:10 is very much true. Years ago I thought would there ever be a platform to teach regular God fearing Christians this caliber of teaching (I mean who really wants to know Greek anyway?) I am learning to trust the works in His masterpiece.

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