>Longing for Christ

>Each day I get a better picture what David was saying in Psalm 63 and the ‘soul longs for you’ in this present sojourn we are experiencing day by day now. Like my paster once said ‘keep living.’ There need only be a few ‘maturing’ events in ones life: the death of someone, a life threatening desease, the cancellation of Cosby to be reminded that we’re only here for a season. I think that we tend to think that is the only way we get it. But that is not it. I think from time to time God gives us those glimpses of Him and what is to come and we get wake-up of the brevity of this lifes events. Those sort of 3rd heaven realities followed by a thorn in the flesh to keep us humble moments do the same thing.

Regardless of the manner it is recieved I suppose a present reality of the future to come is something that should not be on the backburning….As a matter or fact nothing else should be on the stove. I am presently reminded that God has dramatically affected our lives by revealing Himself. If he can change the course of your life forever by being present for 33 years or so, how much more will he do when ‘we shall see him as he is’?

Because I can’t answer that question I am left longing for someone with a growing excitement each day. And that longing is starting to affect how I live also. And that really can’t be a bad thing. At the least it makes the waiting more productive. Sort of a ‘careful how you live’ perception..


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