>Last night brought us one step closer to the end of this series through Ephesians. I have enjoyed this for a number of reasons the most of which is that I have had my cheerleader, my colaborer, my wife there each night also. Finding a babysitter when you live in a city with no family (in the biological sense) can be a task.

Last night was more than a reminder about the roles in the household. And I have reconcluded a few things. I think the recurring issues we have today with our aspiring to/or eschewing roles that we want or want to avoid is perpetuated by at least one fundamental misunderstanding: if you have not determined that your role is a priviledge you will probably never be satisfied with what God is satisfied with.

Secondly and probably just as important I have concluded that SUBMISSION, LOVE, and RESPECT the big 3 in chapter 5 of Ephesians have overshadowed the first 21 verses of the same chapter. Thank God for reflexive verbs. As the spirit is at work creating fullness in the lives of the corporate body (in particular the sheffield family…in particular myself) I am going to be looking for results that look like these:

1. Am I a wise builder, trying to be accurate? (vs. 15)
2. Am I making the most of EVERY opportunity? (vs. 16)
3. Have I spoke any psalms lately? (vs. 19)
4. Have I sang any songs to God lately? (vs. 19)
5. Has my content been thankful? (vs.4b and 20.. and 1:3…and…)
6. And because we are honest: Where am I not submitting? (vs. 21)

I do not have an equivocations with the idea that if corporate unity is the context then we would expect that the Spirit of God is going to be at work in His inheritance to bring these things about. After all it is His reputation that He wills to see in the church.

My attention is devoted to praying about the variagated manifestation of these results: I am asking God for a song, a psalm, a better use of time/ better perspective on how short life really is, less worrying about fixing, cooking, making things that are not better (Luke 10:38-42), and make my content as a person thankfulness. This kind of stuff is what changes a prayer life from vein repetition to worship and humility. Because you can not achieve any of these things on your own.

But oh what manner of love the father has lavished on us when we see these infused into a marriage where both roles see these as the priority…
…the two shall become one flesh and the household will be blessed because of it.

19 thoughts on “>Submit

  1. >Submission to ANYTHING [or anyone] has become a nasty word in today's humanistic culture. Often submission brings red flags for women because of how some men choose to demonstrate their authority. But it is a beautiful thing in proper context-in Godly context.Thank you for the reminder.Sis. TGodsyGirl.ComGal. 2:20

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