>Unfinished (ROUGH) Thoughts on the Series through Ephesians


This may be one of those unfettered entries until I have more time to live but perhaps there will be some benefit to the readers. I spent the last year and a half going through Ephesians lectures from seminary and studying the entire book, translating from the original language at rates that appeared similar to a Ford Pinto’s 0-60 today. At times it was mundane, but well worth the process. I have to say God is truly a power God, able to build to the fullness. I think part of the length of time was due to the background work and pulling extra resources (which is really a gracious treat) into some of the words and word usage that most commentaries seem to miss. Coupled with my architectural engineering background some things have become super abundantly clear to me about this text, about the body, and then about me.
I concluded that it could be good to grab a few folks from the church and walk our way through the book. Let me first say it’s a blessing to be at a church where the Pastor is constantly permitting the rest of the leadership (and membership) opportunities to do exactly what scripture calls the body to do. I’ll have more to say about that on another day but as quickly as I say it I realize I need to think more about the implications.

My other thoughts:

  1. As a group I have found that people are tremendously busy. The small group dynamic is truly dynamic. Over the course of the series there are a few I wish would have made it the entire thing but we are a people who have so much going on. There were some who I had specific interests in attending as I believe there would have been some things that directly correlated to their lives. We have so much going on, and it seems that with all the things we can add to make things simple it seems overall it makes our lives more complicated.
  2. God’s word drops jaws and it needs no Hammond to do it. I come from a people whose worship is shall we say ‘lively.’ Historically it only makes sense, you have a generation or two of a people who really had Sunday morning to look forward to its understandable (aside the fact that it just seems like something one would be excited about to come together with others in worship as we wait patiently for the creator of the world to reveal the object hope that we long for.) That being said it is a blessing to see people’s lives change as they realize truth that they can hold to. It is a blessing to see people say that understanding what the implications of the body ‘organically being built up into the planned fullness in every way in every way’ is a “relief” from trying to shove yourself into a system. I saw others and I grow together and long for the clarity of seeing who we are corporately.
  3. Individually I have been reaffirmed of my hope. I believe I was directed to school and my desire has been for fulltime ministry. If God wants me to be the senior pastor so be it. If I am the janitor I’ll sweep and teach the doctrine of the perseverant sweeper at the same time. I have asked that what I learn won’t be for my benefit. I believe one day an opening will happen but until then I keep preparing a message every day I walk into that construction company; I’ll keep constructing a word for my coworkers while I keep designing and building these buildings until he calls me to another prepared part of His work. In the meantime Ephesians 2:10 is clearer. I need not concoct some events around me to place a ministry on. I only need to recognize the ‘works prepared beforehand’ in the cubicle next to me with the guy asking me for help, at home with my wife who is such a blessing helping to take care of our children and maintain her desire to keep our marriage a bigger priority, next door with the young man who for 9 years now refuses to listen to me about Jesus but keeps coming over. Its not a pulpit, but it is still bold proclamation.

Perhaps this is a bit convoluted but I suppose this is acceptable for at least one entry. More to come…

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