>Unmerited Approval…understood best in your application

>I awoke this morning with a thought that by the time I got in the shower developed into almost leading into tears: I can embrace the creator making things. I mean the ‘how’ gets a little tricky but the very fact thing there is an existence should produce the question ‘there must be a clockmaker?’ That is not as a tough. What I find increasingly more difficult to accept is the fact that God stoops to love His creation. And beyond that it is inconceivable the manner in which He loves. This kept me running the water for a few extra minutes while I tried to push back a tear.

We all have created something. Or tried to make something but we really do not care about the things we make in the same manner God does for His creation. God goes to great lengths to clearly demonstrate the things he approves. It would be like:
                  – The baker knowing that the cake cannot stand the heat so he climbs in the oven and bears the brunt of the oven’s pressure so that His creation will grow to the fulness in order to be put on display among the bakery ones.
                  – The clockmaker who uses his own fingers to grind against steel to that the gears will now be used properly because they are connected to the true gear.
                  – The seamstress who weaves her own pattern from her own clothes because the fabric intended to be used is separated and estranged.

God has gone out of His way to demonstrate that we are approved. We have all made stuff and ‘loved’ something about it…most often how it makes our lives easier. But God tells His creation ‘I love you.’ That is an uncharacteristic, humbling, incredible demonstration of God’s unmerited approval. And not a cheap unmerited approval like Bonheoffer discusses “Cheap grace means grace sold on the market like cheapjacks’ wares.” Which is a sort of ‘one without the other’ perspective. But God’s approval is best understood how broke the clock was. Its hard to make a body of garment out of fragments of cloth sifted like wheat.

I am astonished at myself and ourselves as the body at how often we deviate one way or another. We can either be so clear in drawing out every wrong in a person(s) life; exegetes of all their errors. And then never extend the opportunity for them to repent and if they do, we never extend reconciliation. And then see nothing wrong with that. Yet on the other side there are some who would ignore the sin or wrongs or incorrect steps and provide reconciliation without the opportunity to answer the implicit question “what caused the need to be reconciled?”

I believe both sides arrive at perhaps at least one conclusion which may be best seen from the ‘we see all your wrongs but we’re not trying to fix anything’ side. It is very difficult to extend a costly grace to others if you fail to recognize the costly grace extended to you in that moment also. You are His creation not the creator. Missing this would be like one approved broke clock running a minute late  is laughing repeatedly at another approved broke clock and saying ‘you’re five minutes late.’ There is a humility and meekness necessary.

2 thoughts on “>Unmerited Approval…understood best in your application

  1. >..the human element will never allow us to reciprocate the forgiveness that God continually gives us and when all the "Big Sins" are eradicated and we think we got it going on …we continue to fail miserably in the one area that we should be most graciously capable of achieving.."Forgiveness and Reconciliation"..many a "Saint" will have a terse conversation with God in eternity about this main fault…..

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