>SPOTLIGHT: A word from the Greens

>So this Friday I felt it would be good to draw attention to a young man I met a few months ago. I met him and his then fiance at a marriage retreat. [Which is a relevant digression: if you are interested in attending an absolutely awesome marriage retreat please email me and I might be able to get you in for free or discounted.]

At any rate I knew there was something I appreciated about the brother aside from his attending the University of Kansas (and I hear a pretty good football player too.) There is a genuine humility that both he and he wife have that is admirable. Gary Green from Texas (right Gary?), now in Kansas, is working on his Master of Divinity, working in my hometown and serving in the ministry in Lawrence, KS. I believe he is going to do some obedient things for the kingdom, it appears as though he has a clear understanding of where treasures are best stored. We are going to be spending some time doing a survey through the book of judges which in a way makes me hate him a little because I have to pull my Hebrew materials back out…a thorn I had asked God to take away more than three times… We’ll see where this lands in a few months.

DO ME A FAVOR: If you all get a second drop by A WORD FROM THE GREENS and read through this brothers intro into the blogosphere. Let him know we’re checking him out and share your thoughts about what he has to say.

3 thoughts on “>SPOTLIGHT: A word from the Greens

  1. >I want to thank my pastor, Rev. Dr(soon to be) Delano Sheffield for drawing attention to my blog. It's nothing special but I certainly appreciate this great man of God for allowing me to hang on to his coat tail in our upcoming ministry endeavors as well as the blogging world. Be blessed big bro…

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