>Nothing to Contribute

>I had a thought last night while spending some time with a friend. Lately I have not been carrying my journal and so I paid for it….I can’t remember what it was. That coupled with a sort of eventful night for the baby girl has made for a sluggish morning.

Let me say that if you are a reader regularly or from time to time I appreciate it. While I am certain that my rambling is an attempt to say something of value it is nice to know that brethren and sisters dwelling together in unity are watching the process.

I’ll have something of worth tomorrow. I want to talk about the sermon my pastor preached on Thomas yesterday, but I’m not sure I can refresh the the topic without fear of forgery or copy write infringement (which is really secondary to the fact that I’m going to be messed up for a while  until Jesus comes back for Us over that one.) I suppose I could offer this: Go read John 20 and when you look at Jesus remind yourself “these were your wounds.”


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