>Leaving a legacy: Thankfulness to my Favorite English Teacher


There is a teacher I had when I was young who was a stickler for perfect in language. I’m not quite certain I lived up to what she hoped for her pupils. We were given probably some of the best lessons in grammar in nontraditional lesson settings. Lessons that at the time seemed futile from all vantage points, but now they have become something of a veritable necessity in my life now. I could do without the diagramming (although I find myself doing it in Greek quite often now) but the journalling. Ah yes the journaling has become an indelible trait that has shaped my prayer life, my marriage, and lettering skills (almost as much as arch studios.)

I wouldn’t go so far as to say that journalling is a discipline but I would say that there is some discipline that can be intertwined in the process. Moreover there is something to be said for the person who does not depend on the fact that what they remember now is what they will remember later. Also I think there is a presupposition that great things rarely occur and thus we would remember them because it is not a regular occurrence. I have found that in my journaling there is always great God is doing, or has done and we still reap the benefits.

In Joshua 4 the as they are crossing the Jordan these followers of the Lord are instructed to gather stones from the Jordan. Seems a bit ridiculous perhaps (or maybe this was the first souvenir shop) until it is explained why they need to do it. Verse 4 states “In the future, when your children ask you, ‘What do these stones mean?’ Journaling is not only for the benefit of the one writing it is also for the benefit of the one reading. My hope and prayer is that when they ask what do these books of writings, these letters stapled together, these Plexiglas made boxes with bolts tying it together mean? I can say that is when our Father led us through….took us through….taught us through….corrected us through…punished us through….and loved us through….

Journaling can come in a many ways. Its importance is seen if you desire to:
 1. Think through those experiences of what God is constantly doing in the lives of those around you and yourself.
 2. Remember them.
 3. Leave a legacy for those who follow so they have a reason to say “what mean these stones?”

I thank the many teachers that pushed us to journal, but the English teacher who kept bringing her classroom lessons home was my mother.

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