>When Truth is only a Fact We miss each Other

>I recently reread an article from Bob Batchelor entitled “Google and the End of Wisdom” which was printed in the March 2010 edition of Modern Steel Construction. (The fact…or truth of this article found in this Magazine is another discussion. I am glad that my boss sent me a copy.) He made an assertion regarding the education of most young people today. Their critical thinking skills are ignored and more dependence is placed on “‘facts’ discovered online- and equate that unquestioned information they may have retained for a while with actual knowledge.” I find this intriguing and a similar condition running in tandem within the body of Christ.

A few recent events has served as a reminder that we should be striving to keep a privilege a priority. The privilege is uniqueness of the Christian corporate body.I find that the unity that we have is eloquently dissolved to just a fact. It happens when we ate from the tree of knowledge of good and evil dissolved the ‘two shall be one flesh’ into a proverbial ‘that woman you gave me’ or ‘the serpent made me do it.’ Or when we resolve to not be our brothers keeper. I would not go so far to say that there is a direct correlation to the aforementioned quote. I do believe that more often than not in our accumulation of ‘facts’ in God’s word, from God, or about God we have concluded that the accumulation of facts is the same as the acquiring of truth. Facts are random affirmative statements. Truth has implications. Its a bit arrogant I believe. How can you stand in front of the presence of God and not be absorbed by Him?

The point of the mater is we may not question the text when we read but the text or His truth is questioning us. Corporate Body life is what we are now, it is not something we get around to when it is convenient. The Body of Christ is an acquired fact when God speaks through someone and we conclude that there is no value or not worth considering because that person does not look like us, ‘their story’ is not as good as ours, or their acquired of knowledge is not what I need. The need for the Body of Christ is truth when you are absorbed by the fact that we need each other. Facts have no bearing past the past the period. Truth has implications for the future. Truth from God is the way and the only life we have to live now. When Jesus died on a cross for the sins of man we all came to the same cross for redemption. That has implications for how we live in relationship to one another. I used to come to the cross and stare at the blood and remember all that Jesus has done for me….then one day I was absorbed by His love and realized that there was just too much love to be just for me. I began to notice I was not the only one standing at a blood stained cross for my sin, I began to see the multitude.

Until we come to embrace that we could have been scattered after salvation left to walk in unity…alone. Until we understand that the unregenerate sinful lifestyle the only pronoun was “I” and now His lordship clearly implies and demands “we” is most important. Until we are absorbed by the grace that the body is the object of God’s glory among the heavenly ones forever ever (because He has built exceedingly abundantly above all that we would have ever imagined to ask Him.) Until His return is OUR objective hope which affects us like a group of children waiting together on their father to return. Until we see this together we are missing the privilege of the corporate body and that fact remains a distant truth.

But it is still truth. Which means it has implications. And the question it asks is If Corporate unity is not a priority what fact have you replaced it with?

3 thoughts on “>When Truth is only a Fact We miss each Other

  1. >What is so simple but yet extremely difficult is the realization that being a part of the Corporate Body is completely selfless. It's takes time but at some point in our walk, we should realize there is nothing about just you or I in the Body. We are some selfish creatures but yet we serve a God who paid the penalty for our sins. That's the best example/model of unselfishness.

  2. >Amen to you Green. And TaQuwela? Did I spell that right? Your name seems like you'd go by Queet. At any rate. You are right. It is selfless. I was trying to bring out that we say that "its a fact we should be selfless" but somewhere along the line we seem to forget that has start as you say being realized. Thanks for your input.

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