>Comprehending Darkness


I had a discussion with a friend last night who was describing the atmosphere of a rather tragic way to life:

“…its sad. People whose lives are miserable and empty. Poor intelligence, poor skills, grown men who act and think like children….its depressing…. Don’t even fathom or comprehend God.”

The ironic thing is he was talking about people in a health facility. I thought he was referring to society in general, myself in particular. While there are certainly circumstances that provide for the necessity of care for the loss of our faculties, there is a also some clear similarities found in the functionally depraved. The functional lost passing through life’s storms under the umbrella of hopelessness that only keeps some of the rain out.  When we were lost there might not have been a clinical term for it but we were just as lost, miserable, empty, poor spiritual intelligence, aspiring to be grown ups, lost in our own foolishness. This alone would be depressing but when you add the ways we tried to be functional it is almost to much to bear. Self-medicating with faulty relationships, chemicals, careers, and the like.

The Christian has laid at the feet of the master all that he once thought was everything. I reflect back on the healing of those we know of in the Gospels by Jesus with the product of horrific sin in the world and in their lives and it speaks volumes to me of what God had to do for us much before we could understand how far off we were. We were all at one point lost, without any hope, separated from the promise. In our own treatment facilities grinding the gears of life with some possible punctiliar benefit but none of eternal significance. Jesus came with the Gospel and all its implications and demonstrated His power in the lowliest of places be it Wall Street, the mental hospital, the one who dwells around tombs, or to those who are paralyzed in their body or minds. He can be apprehended because He permits himself to be. The problem is we typically we typically try to comprehend the darkness instead of embracing the Light that came to shine in it.

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