>When you take a moment to consider that God in all of His extreme power could have created individual worlds for us to live it is easy to see that there are not too many coincidences. Billions of people born in this world and its just a random act of being born (which you had nothing to do with in time or location) is just too easy of a conclusion to make. I’m always taken back by Jesus at the close of his life on earth calling His disciples friends (John 15.) Not just because of the inherent privilege that comes along with his definition: a friend is made known of all the things the master has revealed. But more importantly a friend has the distinct privilege of being friends with others who Jesus calls his friends. In other words I do not believe that when Jesus called the disciples His friends that He would not expect them to be friends to one another also. I’d like to believe that they were. And if this is true then it has some implications.

We know that some of them knew each other prior to His calling them to follow. But not all of them. So if they became friends it was because of the intention and actions of Jesus. Some friendships may be by coincidence but some are certainly because Jesus intended for it to be so. If the relationships made by going to the same school, job, grocery store are so sweet, how much more are those created by following the same Jesus.

There are some people in my life who by their very nature of having a desire to follow Jesus have abruptly affective my entire perspective on what matters. Friendship is a valuable commodity…when you know who has orchestrated some of the greatest ballads between people as they journey through life. And those persons leave a permanent stroke across your heart in a way that makes you love Jesus all the more. Thank God for friends in Christ. Those are ones you know will carry on into forever.

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